Imants 32 Series

The small spading machine is more suited to use in conditions where spread is less important, but where the quality of the spading work counts, which is why a spade without a side twist is used. The machine is available with or without a rotary tiller.

The spading machine is excellent for use in glasshouses in the narrow  the posts, in tree nurseries, for market gardeners and horticulturists. It is also the ideal spading for contract work, such as in allotments.


Model 32 S 120 L(H)
Working width 32 S 120 L(H)
Ideal working speed 120cms
Ideal working depth 20 - 35cms
Weight (approx) 315 (without the rotary harrows 250kgs)
No of spade banks 4 (2 spades per bank)
Tractor requirements 15 - 25hp