Imants 37 Series

The 37 series is the perfect choice for four cylinder tractors, upto 120hp. The cultivator is available in working widths of 2.6 and 3mtrs, optimum working depth ranges from 20 – 28cms. The ideal operating speed is 4.5km/h, giving the machine an excellent work rate at least 1 hectare per hour. Primary cultivation is performed by the continually rotating spade blades operating across the full width of the machine. As the spade blades cultivate, they lift and tumble the soil, throughly mixing it, breaking up any clods and leaving a prepared and undamaged soil structure, which is fully decompacted and aerated. Rotary action means no plough plans are created.

The 37 series is ideal for the needs of medium sized arable farmers, salad producers and vegtable growers. It is also suitable for dairy cattle and stock farmers who wish to incorporate, and throughly mix, large quantities of organic matter into the soil. The rear mounted “spiro” seed-bed consolidator adds the final touch to a highly efficient cultivation technique and gaurantees an ideal environment for fast consistent germination, maximum plant establishment & optimum uptake of nutrients.


Model 37 SX 300 DHR 37 SX 260 DHR
Working width 300cm 260cm
Ideal working speed 4.5km/h 4.5km/h
Ideal working depth 15 - 35cm 15 - 35cm
Weight (approx) 1890kgs 1750kgs
No of spade banks 28 24
Tractor requirements 15 - 25hp 15 - 25hp
Options PTO shaft with torque limiter, driving lights & quick change SX spade blades. PTO shaft with torque limiter, driving lights & quick change SX spade blades.

Watch the Imants 37 Series at work