Imants 47 SK Series

The machine is equipped with a shaft to which the spade arms are attached, mounted in the same frame is a rotary tiller. The rotary tiller with its self-cleaning blades rotovates rotovates the surface layer to produce the seed bed necessary for good germination of the seed. Attached to the rear side is a packer-roller which sets the working depth of the rotary tiller, to support the machine and to compact the loosened soil again.
Due to the unique function of the spades, no “plough pan” is produced and the tractor does not run in the furrow as is the case during ploughing. The spading machine is excellent for blending large quantities of organic materials such as green manure, straw, stable manure or compost into the soil.


Model 47 SK 300 DRFP
Working width 300cm
Ideal working speed
Ideal working depth 15 - 35cm
Weight (approx) 3000kgs
No of spade banks 6
No of spades 24
No of blades 56
Spade shaft version SK
Tractor requirements 100hp

Watch the Imants 47 SK Series in action