Imants 57 Series

Main tillage and seed-bed preparation, possibly in combination with a planting machine can now be done in one single pass covering unprecedented large acreage. More than ever, the well-known advantages of spading such as mixing the soil throughly, improved water management, breaking up the plough pan and the improved use of fertiliser remain valid.

The 57 series spader has an ideal working speed of 9.0km/h, which amounts to an output of 2.5 hectares per hour. In order to reach this speed, the machine is equipped with a spade shaft fitted with 6 spade arms per rotor. The machine is available in working widths of 3mtr and 4.50mtrs, with the 3mtr model being the most ensures that the seed bed is very evenly formed as this is necessary for the germination of seed. The machine is fitted as standard with an accumulator with a gauge that can be used to reduce the ground pressure of the rear Spiro roller resulting in 10% more fuel efficiency. This can be necessary when heavy seeders are added on or if the soil does not have sufficient bearing strength.


Model 57 SX 300 PLH 57 SX 450 PLH
Working width 300cm 450cm
Ideal working speed 9.0km/h 9.0km/h
Ideal working depth 20 - 35cm 20 - 35cm
Weight (approx) 4200kgs 5000kgs
No of spade banks 7 10
No of spades 42 60
Spade shaft version SX SX

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