Imants Rebel Rotavators

The Imants Rebel Rotavator is the finest rotary cultivator that money can buy. Chosen by discerning nurserymen and horticulturalists as well as flower and vegetable growers throughout the UK.

With its unique central gear drive system, the Rebel can be used right up to the edge of glass houses, strawberry tunnels or walls without problem. There are no side chain cases to catch or snag, which means that the full working width equals the total overall width of the machine. This has huge advantages when manoeuvring and cultivating amongst support posts and pathways within covered growing areas. Central gear drive is far superior and stronger than chain driven alternatives and is virtually maintenance free. The rebel is also favoured by tree nurseries and growers producing crops by strip cultivation. These customers appreciate the maximum utilisation of total available growing area, which only this machine can give. A number of standard working widths are available in 2 different model types. These comprise of: The lightweight (L) model and a heavy duty (Z) mode. In addition Imants produce a special ‘Over-Top’ version which is particularly valued by flower growers.

Features at a glance…

  • No chain cases, which means the total width of the machine can be utilised and worked right to the edge of obstacles and other crops.
  • A 30% stronger drive system than chain drive alternatives ensures durability and and virtually zero maintenance.
  • Solid high quality construction provides for minimum wear and tear and superior longevity.
  • Easy access via removable guards and covers means down time is reduced for blade changes and routine inspection.
  • Superbly consolidated seed-bed gives maximum germination and even establishment-resulting in high plant populations and subsequent yield.
  • Standard support wheels provide stable operation and good depth control.
  • The unique blade sequence ensures that no ‘soil pan’ is produced.
  • Superb incorporation of organic matter. The Rebel is suitable for 540/750/1000 rpm drive systems and can be fitted with various accessories such as rear mounted cage or bar rollers and smooth rollers with manual or hydraulic height adjustment.


Type light (L), working depth 10-20 CM, for tractors up to 35 HP (26 KW)

Working width Machine weight Required HP/KW Number of flanges Number of blades
80 L 180 KG 15 HP/ 11 KW 6 14
90 L 200 KG 18 HP/ 13 KW 6 24
115 L 210 KG 20 HP/ 15 KW 8 32
135 L 225 KG 25 HP/ 18 KW 10 40
160 L 280 KG 30 HP/ 22 KW 12 48

Type heavy-duty (Z) Working depth 10-25 CM, for tractors up to 70 HP (50 KW)

Working width Machine weight Required HP/KW Number of flanges Number of blades
115 Z 300 KG 25 HP/ 18 KW 8 32
135 Z 340 KG 35 HP/ 26 KW 10 40
160 Z 375 KG 50 HP/ 37 KW 12 48
185 Z 415 KG 60 HP/ 44 KW 14 56
210 Z 450 KG 70 HP/ 51 KW 16 64

All machines are available with so-called JAP blades (self-cleaning) and in an over-top version. Other working widths are available on request. All standard models are fitted with support wheels and a PTO shaft shearbolt safety device as standard. Additional working widths are available by request.