130 years of experience in quality cultivation with an open mind for the future. The foundations of there internationally successful company was laid in 1885 by the village blacksmith in Reusel.

Now a days foreign markets have also been a focus of the company. Imants has been active in the North and South American markets since 1992. Over 80% of production is currently for export, primarily to the countries bordering the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Imants continuously strives to develop machines that deliver maximum performance with the minimum possible effort and fuel, which fact has brought us a great deal of international recognition.

The Battle: Ploughing vs Spading working the soil

Imants 32 Series

The small spading machine is more suited to use in conditions where spread is less important, but where the quality of the spading work counts, which is why a spade without a side twist is used. The machine is available with or without a rotary tiller.

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Imants 35 Series

The primary feature of the 35 series spading machines are their simplicity and solid construction. The shape of the spade has been modified compared to those in the 32 series, the spade blades are welded onto a curved spade arm. On each spadebank two arms are curved to the left and two are curved to the right.

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Imants 37 Series

The 37 series is the perfect choice for four cylinder tractors, upto 120hp. The cultivator is available in working widths of 2.6 and 3mtrs, optimum working depth ranges from 20 – 28cms. The ideal operating speed is 4.5km/h, giving the machine an excellent work rate at least 1 hectare per hour.

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Imants 47 SK Series

The machine is equipped with a shaft to which the spade arms are attached, mounted in the same frame is a rotary tiller. The rotary tiller with its self-cleaning blades rotovates the surface layer to produce the seed bed necessary for good germination of the seed.

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Imants 47 Series

The Imants rotary spader is a power take off (pto) drive machine, this action results in a cultivator which literally powers itself through the soil. The advantage of this system is the absolute minimal risk of wheel slip or smearing under wet soil conditions.

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Imants 57 Series

The 57 series spader has an ideal working speed of 9.0km/h, which amounts to an output of 2.5 hectares per hour. In order to reach this speed, the machine is equipped
with a spade shaft fitted with 6 spade arms per rotor.

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Imants Deep Spader

The Imants deep spader is a machine which works the soil to depths below 70cm (28″). The machine is used to break up compacted soil layers and to mix the soil throughly, making it ideal for special soil preparations and vegetable crops.

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Imants Rebel Rotavator

The Imants Rebel Rotavator is the finest rotary cultivator that money can buy. Chosen by discerning nurserymen and horticulturalists as well as flower and vegetable growers throughout the UK.

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