Vredo Agri Series

The Vredo Agri series has an excellent reputation in the global agricultural sector. Every contractor should have this robust but precise machine ready and waiting to be used in the spring after the first cut, or in the autumn to provide the pastures with lush grass. A Vredo can be used to renew bare patches, strengthen walking routes and bridle paths, prevent erosion, repair game damage, sow more clover and restrict the growth of weeds. The Agri series has a standard inter-row distance of 7.5 cm. This is perfect for providing the meadow with a dense sward without any waste. The grass seed is confined in the fertile soil and protected against birds and drought, creating the best possible conditions for germination.

Overseeding is a single operation and saves up to 80% in time and fuel compared to renovation through ploughing, cultivating, levelling, sowing and rolling. The great advantage of overseeding is that the land can remain in use. The machine has hard-wearing discs and all elements are separately suspended, so the seed is always deposited at the correct depth in the ground and the discs are protected. The Agri series is available with an optional packer ring roller. This roller, complete with moveable cast iron rings, follows the contours of rough ground, ensuring uniform seeding even on stony, uneven terrain.


Model DZ225.075 DZ225.075 Packer rings
Working width 2.5 m 2.5 m
Sowing distance 7.5cm 7.5cm
Transport width 2.62 m 2.62 m
Weight holsted 1240 kg 1970 kg
Capacity seed hopper 250 ltr 250 ltr
Extra weights 26 26
An extra weight weighs 20 kg
Model DZ229.075 DZ229.075 Packer rings
Working width 2.90 m 2.90 m
Sowing distance 7.5 cm 7.5 cm
Transport width 3.00 m 3.00 m
Weight holsted 1410 kg 2205 kg
Capacity seed hopper 250 ltr 250 ltr
Extra weights 26 26
An extra weight weighs 20 kg

Watch the Vredo Ag Series at work