Vredo Cutting Filters

VREDO cutting filters and filter the large parts from the stream of manure. Due to the smart placement, and design of the cutting rotor, the Vredo cutting filter cuts with an absolute minimum of energy. The coarse parts that cannot be cut are filtered out to the large sump. This can be emptied easily.

The VREDO cutting filter is already placed in front of the pump in the suction pipe. This protects all moving parts optimally. This is possible because the VREDO cutting filter does not disturb the flow. The VREDO filters have an extremely compact housing and have been supplied with standard flangers. It is driven by a small hydraulic motor (Danfoss). The VREDO cutting filter can be adapted to virtually any tank. Only during the filling of the tank the VREDO cutting filter requires power, and even then only a little.

The design is solid and durable (galvanized). Maintenance is limited to a minimum. All parts can be reached well.

Many manufacturers of manure tanks, and similar applications, have chosen for the unique VREDO cutting filter.


Optimum cutting effect

The VREDO cutting filters can be mounted in line in various ways. Also mirror-image mounting is possible. There is never any unnecessary resistance in the cutting filter, the stream is flowing and undisturbed. The filter has a large surface area
. The flow remains laminar, turbulence is very low. The star shaped blades are profiled ti aid the flow. The blade pulls the cut material through the fixed knife block. This feature means optimized cutting and large hard objects are prevented from blocking the filters.

The best cutting effect is when a little material has built up on the fixed knife block. This provides the knife with something to cut against. The material will be cut until it passes through. Solid parts that cannot be cut are actively removed to the collection container.


Standard fitment on trucks

Many manufacturers mount the VREDO cutting filter on their trucks. Also on existing trucks the VREDO cutting filter can be mounted. The specifications meet virtually all possibilities. The cutting filters can be left or right handed.

The VREDO cutting filter FT 4100 and FT 5100 can be equipped with a hydraulically operated release valve. The release valve can therefore be operated from the cabin. All solid parts are then shoved from the rock collection container with a shovel. The release valve is equipped with double cylinders, so this valve is guaranteed to close well again.


Type FT3100 FT4100 FT5100
Connecting size 6" 8" 8"
Max, stream of manure* 3000 ltr/min 6000 ltr/min 9000 ltr/min

All types can be delivered in a L and R version, i,e. hydr.motor left or right

Multi design hydraulic operation with FT4100 and 5100:
+hydraulic unlocking release valve
+hydraulic opening of release valve
+automatic ejection

*Max stream of manure: suitable up to maximum number of litres/minute.

Watch the Vredo Cutting Filters in action