Vredo Slurry Contractors

The Vredo slurry injector cuts the ground open in an inventive way and injects the fertilizer into the soil. Valuable minerals are fully absorbed by the ground. Moreover, the odour emission is much lower. And because the manure is injected into the ground, your livestock continue to graze with pleasure. Hydraulic valves, independent commuting elements and an exact dosage guarantee optimum fertilization. Shaped for the

best distribution and cutting features. The result: The most equal growth of your crop. The slurry injector has working widths ranging from 7.30 to 12 metres. The injector folds up into three or five symmetrical parts and then locks automatically. The transport width is thus reduced to not more than 2.95 metres, allowing you to continue on your way safely.


Model ZB 8046 ZB 8448 ZB 8750 ZB 9152 ZB 12068
Working width 8.0 mtr 8.4 mtr 8.7 mtr 9.1 mtr 12.0 mtr
Weight 2940 kg 3000 kg 3060 kg 3120 kg 4100 kg
Height 3.40 mtr 3.57 mtr 3.75 mtr 3.92 mtr 3.64 mtr
Number of frames 3 3 3 3 3

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